Schedule of shows/events


What, when, where and who...all that's missing is YOU!  For full bio and website links on these Artists, go to the PHOTOS page and click their photos !!


On the Alchemist Mainstage...

We are still booking and locking-in our daily schedule for September 7/8/'s pretty intricate a dance...but please check back with us periodically...we should have all this up here for you soon...very soon...  All that said, we will be hosting close to 30 jazz groups ranging from Big Band to Solo Artists...  Booked so far?  Chico Pinhiero, Eduardo Belo, Alex Kautz, Ed Cherry, Kyle Koehler, Anwar Marshall, Allison Miller, Dan Pugach, Nicole Zuraitis, David Smith, Donny McCaslin, Zach Danziger, Jason Lindner, Jonathon Maron, Michael Louis Smith, PROGGER, Trio Das Tres...  more to come!








Village Venue Shows... 


Doc Pond's - just down the mountain road!

Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm-midnight

             come do the 'LATE HANG' at Doc's!  Bruce Sklar's SKLARKESTRA will be hosting the jam session.  Bring your horn along and you can add to your conviction!  You won't believe what the boys are blowin'!  One of the best quartets in the area...these guys can morph from Parker to Headhunters...serious ales and eats as well...and check out the new doc's 'face' and artwork just for the jazz fest!

Tap25 - in the village!

             Tap is pretty famous around here for a critically hip selection of craft ales and great music...swingin' sweetness...this will be lovely.

McCarthy's, the Festival pick for the perfect breakfast!

Jazz brunch

Cork Wine Bar and Market !

The best Wine Bar in the vicinity...a few of the headline groups will appear at Cork for their second gigs at the Festival - in a more intimate setting...

The Rusty Nail / Tres Amigos !

The legendary late night club on The Mountain Road will be hosting the group PROGGER both the Friday and Saturday nights...this progressive, electric and groovin' band will get you moving until the wee hours...