July 24, 2018

Why Brazil?

Recently I was asked why the SJF was so keen to book Brazilian music and Artists.  In fact, a few people have asked me.  So I thought I’d address that here in the ‘blog’.

My first ‘conscious’ exposure to this music was in the summer of 1968; I was 9 years old, spending one of many summers in France with my family.  Of course back then we only had a ‘record player’ for our music and I believe there were three or four albums in constant rotation.  The Beatles REVOLVER, the score to the musical HAIR, a Beach Boys LP and the one that had different, but equal impact on me, Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim…the first in that series.  With Klaus Ogerman supplying the arrangements.  I don’t need to tell you how perfect this recording is, it’s iconic.

The impact on me has been life-long.  Since that summer, I have had a love affair with this music.  The melodies, harmony, rhythm, lyrical poetry, sound of the language…in fact in every sub-genre of Brazilian music, I have found fulfillment and inspiration.  For years I’ve tried to educate myself about it; so many composers, musicians, singers – they are all favorites.  And for decades I yearned to travel to Brazil; for so long in fact, that I never really ever thought that I would…

…until eight years ago when I was asked to travel there to teach Master Classes in studio engineering and production.  It was then that I understood the depth of the music and the culture…the people…the sound…EVERYTHING.  I’ve returned now six times.

I remain in love with this music and culture.  I emulate it in my writing and have a constant ‘saudade’ that can only be satisfied by this music and it’s people.

Come to the Festival in September and experience it for yourself.  Hell, I’ll share a drink with you (caipirinha!) and tell you a story about how one certain Brazilian musician, Walmir Borges, changed my life in 30 seconds…

Até logo, tchau tchau…



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June, 2018

Hi all !  George Petit here, the Festival founder and exec director.  I'll be posting a blog every few days to give you my read on things...not so much the 'news' per se, but a behind-the-scenes look at how, why, what, whom....stuff that gets me through the day, the challenges and rewards...the adventure and the fun!  We'll be starting this - - well - - I guess right now!

Today was a morning of meetings and arranging MORE meetings with sponsors in place and potential sponsors.  Following that, BAM!  A tire on my Jeep blew out!  So I hobbled to Willie's Village Auto to get that fixed and walked our gorgeous Rec Path into the Village where I now sit at 'The Bagel', re-populating this website with info and photos and stuff.  There is still SO MUCH to do to get the plans where we all want them to be.  But rest assured, the 2108 Festival will be nothing short of amazing...guaranteed.  :)

I'm focusing-in of a final roster of Artists this week and next - so stay tuned on that!  

Wow - they're playing 'Every Little Thing' by The Police on the system here...damn, what an amazing group and first few records...the playing, energy and grooves!  Not to mention that guy's voice...what's his name??  :)

I digress!

I guess I should mention that we've now started our 501c3 filing and in the meantime, any ANGELS or Patrons of the Arts out there that want to support us with the tax deduction CAN DO THAT!  We've partnered locally with The Helen Day Art Center to serve as our fiscal agent - in other words, we can use them as a kind of 'conduit' for donations...with the deduction!  Contact me for details, please - we NEED you Angels!  :)

That's it for today - so much more to come.  I'll drop in for a chat real soon...and really hope to meet all of you in September up here in the Mountains.  September is GLORIOUS here...so's the music!   

See ya!