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Welcome back to Stowe for another amazing Jazz Festival !!

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jazz is...communication

Art by Katherine Clarke Langlands

This year, we welcome artist Katherine Clarke Langlands. KCL is a Stowe local and also spends a good deal of her time creating art on Block Island. The SJF is honored and proud to be represented in 2018 by KCL's signature artwork. We think it's just...perfect!


Well, it appears that we hit it out of the park last year in what was our first year of the SJF.  With all the incredible music, the beauty of our location and the hugely supportive Stowe community fully engaged, how could such a Festival celebrating Jazz possibly miss the mark?  We're so pleased to be back in 2018 for our second time 'round and we will just keep getting better and's our Mission to create a unique Jazz Festival in our special destination that is wholly supported by Stowe and our Friends; all absolutely FREE to the public.


Schedule of Events

Jazz...has so many sub-genres, it can be difficult to describe...but at it's very core is a sense of reaching-out, engagement, communication.  We'll be presenting nothing but Jazz at our Festival each year; Be-bop, Brazilian jazz, Swing, Gypsy jazz, Progressive/electric jazz, Standards, Afro-Cuban jazz, Instrumental and Vocal Artists alike...

...truly, JAZZ crosses all barriers...embraces all, refuses none...

Have a look at our SCHEDULE page for details on all this year's great events.  And again, they're all tickets, no cover charges.  Come and enjoy it all.

Bring the family...

Bring the family...

Chico Pinhiero Quartet, 2017

Chico Pinhiero Quartet, 2017

Ed Cherry Trio, 2017

Ed Cherry Trio, 2017

We're the pot of gold...  ;)

We're the pot of gold...  ;)

...sharing ideas, connections

...sharing ideas, connections

Ed Cherry standing 2.jpg


This year, we've invited an amazing group of Artists to Stowe...and not all the slots are as yet filled!  We'll have a dozen or so more to add to the event as the opening day gets closer...but for now...we'll welcome groups hailing from Brazil including musicians Chico Pinhiero, Eduardo Belo, Choro Das 3... we'll also welcome Andrew Gould's band from NYC, Dan Pugach's Nonet, Donny McCaslin with Jason Lindner, Jonathan Maron, Zach Danziger, Ed Cherry, Kyle Koehler, Anwar Marshall, Nate Reit, PROGGER, Taryn Noelle, Allison Miller's group...

...and we'll be adding to this over the next few weeks!  So stay tuned!



A big part of the Mission of the SJF is to invite local and regional businesses to sponsor the entire Festival so that all events can be offered to the public free of charge.  If our own community pulls together to host this event and bring visitors to Stowe...and if ALL the music is presented without cost to the public...we ALL win.  Every single one of us, every business, every venue, every guest, every musician...

So we send a heartfelt THANKS to each of the Sponsors that have joined us, that have shown their support to the Music and to Stowe by whatever way they can. 


So please have a look at our SPONSORS page - and get to know all these brands...we're confident you'll make them your friends, too.






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... click on our SPONSORS page for the full list!

In our second year, we will continue what we were able to bring to Stowe last year - the finest of Jazz, the engagement of a vibrant and supportive community, and a sharing of ideas, common values; the enjoyment of being...a part of the whole...
— George Walker Petit, Festival Director
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